How to Become a Pilot

1. Intro to Flight

You and your instructor will take a 45min flight to acquaint you with their training style, the aircraft, and the passion of flying. You will have a chance to take the controls for the first time in safe environment, as well as receive your first log entry./p>

2. Begin Flight Training

Working one-on-one with your instructor and the Class Bravo Air and FAA curriculum, you will learn the ins and outs of the aircraft, the required laws and regulations, and begin to take the controls more and more often./p>

3. Receive your Student Pilot Certificate From Class Bravo Air

Your instructor will work with you to complete all the necessary forms to meet FAA requirements, and sign off on your Student Pilot’s License. You will also begin the process to obtain your Medical Certificate./p>

4. Practice Makes Perfect

Practice on the ground and in the air with your Instructor, as often as possible, in preparation for your first solo flight./p>

5. Fly Solo!

Once you and your Instructor feel comfortable in your abilities, and you have obtained your Medical Certificate, you’ll be able to take advantage of the moment you’ve been waiting for. Your first solo flight!/p>

6. Explore “Cross Country” Flying

After you’ve successfully completed you solo flight and you have a secure comfort and safety flying on your own, you can take longer flights in preparation of your final exams. (50+miles)/p>

7. Final Exams

Once you have completed steps 1-6, you are ready to take your written and practical (Hands on flying) exams to finalize your certification and trade your “Student” license in for you “Private Pilot’s” license. And we’ll even help you study.

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