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Flight Training

We offer top notch flight instruction and can help you earn your private, instrument, commercial, CFI, or CFII certificates.

Aircraft Rental

Our fleet of Cessna 172's are well maintained, affordable, and ready for you to rent!

Intro Flights

Not sure if flying is for you but you’ve always wanted to give it a try, experience the thrill of flight with an Intro Flight!


We go


You Can Fly, We Can Teach You!

Ready to start?

Step 01 - Schedule an Intro

You test drive a car before buying it, don’t you? Flight training is also a big investment so we suggest you do the same when choosing a flight school. During the intro flight you will fly the airplane with one of our certified flight instructors and experience flight training first hand during this 45 minute introductory flight lesson.

Step 02 - Begin Lessons

Step 03 - Have fun!

Learning to fly is an Incredibly rewarding experience unlike any other. At the end of your training, the final step will be to take a checkride. Upon successful completion, the examiner will shake your hand and say the phrase you’ve been looking forward to hearing, “Congratulations, you are a pilot!”

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